Thursday, August 20, 2015

And we are at Bay Spring Lake in New Site MS!!  A 12 hour day with an average speed of 8.9 mph would make most people crazy but we've really had a great day.  The clouds rolled away for a little while this afternoon and that was a welcomed change of scenery!  There was more boat traffic than we expected but most were fishing - given the weather conditions, we understood that advantage!

To celebrate our (presumed) last night on the hook we grilled steaks, boiled corn (thanks Ralph!) & steamed Brussel Sprouts for dinner - again another delicious meal from the kitchen & bow of The Lower Place!!  One of the convenient parts of traveling by boat (or camper) is that every meal has the opportunity of being "home cooked" and every night you sleep in your "own bed".  Home is where your pillow is!!

Granted, the home cooked meal part takes a little planning but we mapped out our grocery needs, individually wrapped and froze what we could & loaded up the kitchen before we left our home port.  Much like you would if you were at home....imagine that?

Tomorrow we head to Fulton - we have 3 locks to maneuver and historically we've been allowed to just travel from lock to lock without waiting.  Prayers that tomorrow will follow history!! And once we get to Fulton - the real work starts!  Off loading the boat, packing the car, driving home, unloading the car...hmmm...much like coming home from vacation!!

It's been a wonderful 2 weeks and we will have additional posts tomorrow & for several days to come.

May God grant you a peaceful and restful night. Sweet Dreams!!

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