Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back on Track Tuesday...for the moment!!

Looking back on a great weekend!  See you later Chattanooga!
So here is a few pictures from yesterday's departure in Chattanooga.  Note the monochrome color between the sky & water, no, I'm not using a black & white filter option...today looks exactly the same!!  Although today we have the weather variety of clouds, no rain, hard rain, wind...and then the cycle starts all over.  BUT - it's still a day on the water, I'll take it!

Surprising how Monday & Tuesday can look similar...SMILING!!!

For obvious reasons picture taking will be minimal as I can't stand the thought of dropping my iPad overboard...hey, it can happen!!

Our anchor spot yesterday was wonderful - quiet, isolated and protected, just what we were looking for!  A couple storms past through and only made us sleep a little deeper-it feels great to sleep so sound.  We were up a little after 5 waiting for daybreak (because we knew the sun wouldn't break through)!  By 7:15 the anchor was up and we were on our way.  As I type this we are crossing Guntersville Lake and approaching the lock in a little while.  I've been surprised by the fishermen (women) we've seen today - they mean business in Guntersville Lake!  This weather isn't my ideal fishing weather but they are probably thinking the same thing about us...ha ha!

We have discussed where to anchor tonight and adopted a wait-and-see approach based on the Guntersville Lock. We may get there & have a 3 hour wait OR he may tell us to roll right in!  Regardless, we are looking forward to another night on the hook.  All is well on The Lower Place!  Be Blessed!

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