Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Check this out...just as we arrived at the Guntersville Lock & I was fully prepared in my rain gear to work the lines...once again, the good Lord smiled down!!  The clouds parted & a glimpse of blue was revealed!!  Charlie caught the image quickly because we knew the sunshine would be short lived!!  By the way, once we were secured in the lock I HAD to come out of that jacket...the temp jumped!  Thank you Jesus - we needed a little break in the weather and Your timing, as always is perfect.

Check out the BLUE SKY!!!
Approaching Guntersville Lock.
Hello Ditto Landing in Huntsville AL!!!  We arrived in Huntsville around 2:00 with sunny skies and a VERY dark line on the horizon. Common sense told us to spend the night.  After topping off the fuel tanks, filling the water tanks and pumping the holding tank we moved to the transiet dock.  Since lunch was delayed, it was time to fire up the grill!!  Black & Blue burgers and steamed squash....YUM!!! Wonderful flavors and with lunch at 4:00...dinner will be light.

Just as the burgers were finished that dark line formerly on the horizon was right on top of us!  Thunder, lightening and hard rain came down and we were tucked safely in slip #6...again, big thanks to the good Lord.

Around 6:00 we headed out for a much needed walk - kind of steamy air after the rain - but the sun was peaking out again.  The marina has paved roads & sidewalks so the wet/muddy areas were easily avoided.  We also discovered a camp ground on the premises so if you're interested in seeing this area by highway....get in the camper & come on down!!

We are looking forward to another relaxing night and hope & pray all is well with family & friends at home.  Enjoy your Tuesday evening...Big Hugs!

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