Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Guntersville AL Lock
Hello Guntersville Lake, AL!!!  We made it!!  Locking through around 2:25pm means we have several hours of daylight left to find a suitable anchorage for the evening...before nightfall!!  Imagine that??

The day started early and I might say a LOT less humid - perfect weather.  The afternoon heat has increased but that's to be expected...August 12th in Alabama,

Today has been so much more productive than yesterday but I still won't say we've had a bad day...this trip has been phenomenal thus far.  I have faith we will continue with optimistic attitudes and God's blessing.

The route from Joe Wheeler to Guntersville provide a variety of sights of both creation & man made.  Here's a few:

The Kennedy Barge from Tuesday!
Yeah, we past them at 12 mph

I will call on His name for every mountain I can't climb...

Jet skiers enjoying our wake - she was screaming & waving! Too funny!
Thank you to those who've called (or tried), texted or emailed!!  We appreciate your support & words of encouragement - or questions of our sanity!! We continue to be blessed and encouraged by The One who truly has provided this adventure!  Please keep the prayers coming...

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