Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Guntersville Lake has lived up to its reputation!  Beautiful crossing, stately homes and a GREAT place to tie up for the evening.  Goose Pond Colony Marina is top notch!!  Navigating into the marina was a little challenging due to what I've named "Kudzu on the water".  There is some type of grass growing so thick it looks like a floating mat of grass.  Great for the fish but could be problematic for water vessels.  However the Marina is SUPER!!

This guy was fishing from his paddle boat in the channel!
Note the thick Lilly pads & grass.
Upon our expected arrival J P  was waiting for us at the fuel dock - once we topped off the tanks, we pumped out the holding tank and filled up the water tanks...all in one stop!  Then we moved the boat to the transient dock and once again, J P was there to catch our lines & make sure we were secure.  The was quite a cross wind that kicked up as we approached the fuel dock but Captain Charlie had everything under control which is great for this deck hand!!  I was hoping from Port to Starboard at the various docks, not knowing to which side we would be tied.  It was a positive experience all around...YAY!!

Our friend Larry lives in Guntersville and he met us at the marina!  We walked to The Docks restaurant and had a wonderful meal.  Since we all ordered something different (steak, shrimp & grits and gumbo) I can honestly say EVERYTHING on the menu is super!  Clean plates was a testament to the quality of food.

It feels good to be settled early tonight. The weather is very noce - low humidity & expecting lows tonight in the low/mid 60's!! We'll take it!  Have a super pleasant evening and a Great Thursday!  Pending no delays...we should be in Chattanooga tomorrow - we are approx 75 miles away!! Sweet dreams!

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  1. Looks great! You made up all the time it took yesterday to get through the lock! Was that Suzy's JP who met you, or someone else? Glad it's going well. Mac