Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Heading into Wilson Lock-we are alone, YAY!
Today is still Tuesday August 11 - the day that will NEVER end!  Guess what?! It's 9:00 local time and we are tied to a lock wall - no kidding!!  We made it through Wilson lock 5 hours after we tied up...apparently we changed time zones or something.

At the TOP of Wilson Lock - depth finder reads 123'
We can see Wilson Lake on the other side of the gate.
Then we motored on to Joe Wheeler lock (the other side of Wilson Lake)!  What a beautiful crossing - the homes, docks, cooler temps & breeze made it so pleasant.  What we didn't expect was another 2-3 hour delay at Wheeler lock.

We did get permission from the lock master to fire up the grill & cook dinner while we waited. So grilled chicken & roasted new potatoes were on the menu for tonight paired with Starkville Sour Dough Bread (YUM - you must try it!) - no salad tonight since we've snacked on fresh fruit all day!  Either we were hungry or it was exceptionally tasty - either way, delicious!

And we continue to wait.  We really hope to get through this lock tonight - I REALLY don't want to start Wednesday "waiting on the wall".  Plus, the lights are so bright (think BUGS) and we planned to anchor out so we had a better chance to see the star show from heaven tonight.  Come on lock master - we have a plan! LOL!!

We are completely safe and our boat is fully equipped to travel after dark safely. While we both would love a cool shower & unwind from our day of "waiting" it is not meant to be just yet.  But it is just a few hours until midnight...so yes, this day will end eventually.

YAY!! Lock Master  just radioed....he will have the lock ready in 15 minutes...gotta go!!  Thank you Jesus for safe travels & good nights!!

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