Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello Chattanooga!!
Nice Condos greeted us from the waterway...Honey I'm Home!!

We arrived around 6:30 (central) to a bunch of paddle boarders circling the city dock. They were real nice & stayed out of our way while docking - brilliant move on their part.  Charlie did an AWESOME job docking the boat!! We were in quite a current with the wind behind us.  He parallel parked the boat on the port side! That's a HUGE deal!!!  Especially since I jumped from the boat to the dock to tie it off!  Good times!!

Once we secured the boat & connected to shore power, we headed off to explore before dark.  Cool thing about this City of Chattanooga Dock is we are the only boat and we are behind locked gates (code access only).  We started walking (uphill) and discovered a great pedestrian friendly downtown area.  Lots of dog-walkers, joggers, folks with kids...nice area.   But since we are in the Eastern time zone we headed back to the boat to avoid dark.  We do feel secure and looking forward to hanging out for a few days.

The Lower Place looks so lonely on the City Dock
Our view from the foot bridge-awesome!

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