Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello Thursday!  The day started early - cast off at 7:15 am however I would like to visit Goose Pond Colony Marina again!  I get the feeling there is plenty of running/walking trails around that piece of property and plenty of live aboards to meet!

I started off driving for a couple hours this morning and it was CHILLY!!  Sixty degrees when we left the marina and factor in the wind...brrrrr!!  Who would have guessed?!?!  But by lunchtime it felt like August again. Around mid morning I retired to the cabin & started arranging and cleaning!

 We've been on this boat since Sunday afternoon & everyday I think "I might get to that today"...well "today" finally arrived.  I had a mental list of things I wanted to get done "before the trip" and the list kept growing but time didn't stand still & finally it evolved into "I will get that done before Chattanooga"!!  So without boring you with the OCD details I'm known for (like having the spices in alphbetical order) let me just report - the list is complete!!!  And it was completed prior to the Nick a Jack lock so I missed about 3 hours of photo ops, sorry!  I did take a few with Charlie's camera so I will load those for the next post.

We had ZERO wait at Nick a Jack lock & the only boat going through...NICE!!! We will be in Chattanooga by 5:00 (central) pending no complications.  YAY!!!  The views from the river since we locked through are simply georgous and I can only imagine the God-kissed beauty by late Sept early Oct!  It's like a tree covered canyon on both sides of the water...creation - it's real!

We are looking forward to our stay in Chattanooga AND looking forward to seeing old friends while we are there!  Long-time friends from Hendersonville NC are planning to drive over on Sunday for a visit & tour.  Then Sunday night we have plans to meet a couple from our hometown who are driving up for dinner and a show - we will join them.  Such fun on the horizon and such joy in our hearts!
There is no doubt we are blessed every single day we open our eyes.  Being able to share this adventure together in good health & clear minds is something neither one of us takes for granted.  We enjoy every moment and give God the glory for our blessings!!  May you have a fabulous rest of your day!

PS - Some are asking about stats for fuel mileage/usage etc.  I will have those numbers for your viewing pleasure on a single post later.  In case the cool kids aren't interested!!  Smile!!

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