Friday, August 21, 2015


We are not only "home" in our home port of Fulton - we've also made our way to our land home!  Not much has changed since we left 12 days ago - but the grass is taller!!

We pulled into Mid Way Marina around lunchtime, topped off the fuel tanks and made the way to our slip.  So nice to see our boat neighbors - who are always willing to catch a line & assist us - many, many thanks Ron & Margaret!!

We grabbed a quick bite of lunch & started the off loading process - yes, we feel like we're moving every time, but it's so worth it!  Several trips to the car & we were headed to the brick & mortar home!

We pulled in the drive a little after 5:00 local time. Our dog, Dug was sleeping on the back porch & Charlie had to wake him!!  Apparently his time with the house sitters - who also own Dug's father & brother - was well-spent!!  There are not enough words to thank Michael & Claire for ALL they did for us the past 2 weeks!!  House sitting & dog sitting on top of their own responsibilities at their home was a lot to ask!!  They provided us peace of mind knowing that Dug was in good hands...and having his own family reunion!!  Thank you both - from the bottom of our hearts!!  You are precious to us!!

Once we unloaded the car, some friends called & we went to dinner - GREAT to see them too!! So we are finally home for the evening...

Tomorrow will be spent in the yard & the laundry room....and the phone store!  I received my replacement phone & installed the SIM card incorrectly (go figure) I have a phone...but it still isn't active.  Maybe this is a sign????

To all of you who have followed us on this maiden voyage...THANK YOU!!!!!  We have enjoyed our vacation more than you can imagine.  I hope by reading of our adventure it may spark you to step outside the "normal" & try something new and domestic!!  This fantastic country offers so much for our enjoyment pleasure & you don't have to journey far to find the unknown!! May blessings to you!!

PS - I'm trying to convince Charlie that some of you would like to know a few stats...engine hours, gallons/mile or gallons/hour, etc.  So there may be one more post (from him) in a few days.

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