Sunday, August 16, 2015

It's Sunday and the day is almost over!  We've had a fun-filled day with LOTS of walking/running & stairs, fun with friends and perfect weather!

The morning started off feeling a little strange with no church service to attend and missing our church family.  But I saw a sign about church services at the baseball stadium last night (AT&T Field). So I dressed for a morning run & headed UP the hill to check it out although I didn't have any idea of a time.  As I approached the top of the hill I heard a sermon being broadcast over the PA system. I slowed to a walk & stood around outside for a few was the end of the message.  But I'm glad I heard a portion.

I headed back out on a short route to get the day started.  Charlie was working on something electronic with the chart plotter & didn't mind one bit that I left him behind!  A mile & a half later I was back at the boat and he was gone!  I thought I saw someone who looked like him leaving the dock on the far end (on foot) but I didn't recognized the shorts.

We talked about going to the Flea Market later in the day - so I thought he'd be ok with that adventure...even though it was 15 blocks from the Visitors Center (2 miles from the boat - one way).  I thought I'd find him there...  Farmer's Market

That place is FANTASTIC!!  Who knew a flea market/farmers market would be bigger than a mall in some MS towns!!  If you ever come to Chattanooga - it's a must attend!!  Of course, I had no money with me & no car so the idea of making a purchase wasn't an option.  But I did keep looking for Charlie - a needle in a haystack. After 30+ minutes I gave up, refilled my water bottle & headed back to the boat.  The weather was perfect & traffic was not an issue so I took a different route back...all streets lead to the river!  I turned off my Garmin at 5 miles...I thought that was enough distance & the rest of the route was bonus!

I found Charlie at the boat!!  He did try to find me but didn't realize the farmers market was so far away so he figured I'd be back eventually...he was right, as usual!

Our friends from Hendersonville were not able to visit today so we had the afternoon to hang out & wait for our Starkville friends...they arrived!  We ate an early evening appetizer & headed out to the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Stadium (on foot) to see GARRISON KEILLOR'S A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL TOUR.  I had never heard of this person before but WOW - what a great, family friendly,  wholesome show...and 3 hours!!  Impressive!!  Thank you Andrew for the suggestion and the introduction to an entertainment option!  Good times!

Monday morning we will cast off to start our trip home. So I will continue to keep you updated of our adventure.  I will miss Chattanooga and all this wonderful city has to offer.  If you are ever in the area, take the time to stay downtown, park your car, wear some comfortable shoes & start exploring.  We always felt safe, citizens were helpful & so willing to share their local suggestions.  Sure you can log on to the official fun site and that's a great starting point, but talking to the locals is really where you get to know a town!

Thanks Chattanooga for a SUPER weekend - we will return!!

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