Monday, August 10, 2015

Lunch time!  Ok - so much for "excessive heat" in our world. We pulled up anchor & headed out around 7:00 AM in overcast/cloudy conditions...equals lower temps!  A couple hours later we saw pretty green & yellow indicators on the radar but ONLY experienced brief rain - nothing severe...thank you Jesus!

Around 12:00 noon we officially entered the Tennessee River!  We're about 40 miles from Florence and at the lightening speed of 9.0 mph we should be there by 5:00...quitting time!  Yes, today will be a long riding/driving day but with the weather conditions it's not bad at all. And remember this...a rainy day on the river is still a day on the river!

Robin? Yes, trying to figure out what to do with my time has been a challenge.  I've been doing a lot of driving while Charlie has been checking various systems (engine temps, radio signal, TV signal, etc.) so Pandora has kept me company - Thanks Mandisa, Building 429, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp!!!  The whole crew has been great!  When we switch drivers I've found various ways to get in a little cardio without running & doing some strength training...all fantastic ideas from super trainers - you know who you are!!  If I can figure out how to remove the captain's chairs on the Fly Bridge I could spend a lot of time doing squats, leg lifts, calf get the idea.  But I doubt that project will EVER happen! There's just a lot of energy I'm not sure what to do with - time will eventually work all this out.
This would be a GREAT climbing challenge!

And I still don't know how my phone pictures end up linking to the lap top - but then again I don't understand how a 39,000 lb. boat keeps me above the water either, so I just roll with it!

Here's a little smile from heaven just before we pulled up anchor...hope your Monday continues to be blessed!

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