Friday, August 14, 2015

Our first full day in Chattanooga has been...well, full!!  The morning started off easy & that was nice. We watched a rowing team at practice...and learned that Chattanooga hosts the biggest collegiate  rowing regatta in the world!  And why not with all this great water?!  I'm sure they ignored us since we were drinking coffee on the aft deck starting off slow. But after a breakfast of scrambled eggs & biscuits we were off and walking!

First point of the day was to find the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium. That's where we will be on Sunday night. What an adventure!!  First we searched the directions on the Internet, then we found the visitors center and spoke with a super nice guy named BoB - that how his name tag read.  Of course he encouraged us to use the free shuttle but it was nice weather, cooler temps and low humidity...why not walk 7 blocks (or miles as some folks thought)?!?!  We were fine...

We stopped at an intersection to check the phone & make sure we were on the right track. Charlie's phone was tracking us from Birmingham AL...walking!  We cracked up.  Just then a lady got out of her car & offered to help us with directions.  She was super friendly, with a We chatted about the various areas & fun things to do. She shared about her love for paddle boarding and we told her where we were docked, so she might float by later.  We thanked her for her kindness & parted ways.  I commented about her well-toned arms and Charlie responded, "She had arms?"  By the way, we did find the auditorium - in case you were wondering.

Never let it be said that Chattanooga doesn't have HILLS!! We have worked out today!  After our morning foot tour we headed back to the boat for lunch. The weather was still cloudy so we ventured off to the grocery store with the ice chest and beach wagon in tow.  Well, we were headed to Publix about a mile away but within a 3/4 of a mile we spied Chumies Ice Cream and directly across the street was Walgreen's...jackpot!  We stopped for a scoop (or two) and I must admit (not being a fan of ice cream) the Strawberry Balsamic was tasty and Charlie found a new favorite of Coffee Toffee.  Since we really only needed bread, water & ice Walgreen's was an acceptable stop.  Now pulling the wagon BACK across the footbridge with 20 lbs of ice and a case of water was a different experience. But we made it and ever so thankful for the ramp options the city offers - I'm aware the ramps aren't there for wagon pulling boat dwellers, but it does help!

Yes, I promised more pictures...but since I'm not married to my phone and we discovered Charlie's camera requires a cord to download to the computer...and the cord is at home...there are no pics for this post either.  So sorry, I promise I'm trying to do better...but hey, this is vacation!

Tonight we may go a local minor league baseball game - box seats for $10! I will have my phone then.  Until next more, complain less & do something nice for someone when they aren't looking!!!  Be blessed!

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