Friday, August 14, 2015

Our view from the fly bridge - you can see the rain effect on the river.
And the rains came...just as we returned from the store the black cloud we were watching opened up and we could smell that rain was on the way.  I cleaned the fly bridge & just started on the aft deck and BOOM!! thunder & lightening rolled in. Charlie was cleaning the Isinglass so mother nature rinsed the outside clean but we still have a few places to finish.  But the aft deck is covered so I continued with my to-do list.  The storm eventually past but the outdoor concert was cancelled & the ballgame (I heard) was delayed.  So I took advantage of the weather & read for a couple hours this afternoon - so nice!!

We offered the paddle boat folks some shelter but they were headed to the pier
Dinner time rolled around and the rain slowed to a sprinkle. While we have plenty of food on the boat and I'm a real fan of eating my own food, we ventured out.  Back across the foot bridge (.5 miles - 1 way) we went - exploring.  My only goal was to eat something locally owned...Taco-Nooga called our name!!  Well actually, it started raining harder & Taco-Nooga was directly across the street & they had empty tables!!

Highly recommended & the walk back is a bonus!
Really neat place, diner-like atmosphere, clean & locally owned.  Of course, they had...tacos but this place wasn't the usual "Mexican food"!!  Authentic, freshly cooked and super friendly folks...good deal!  Oh and price?  Less than $20 - yep, I can eat my own food next week.  We wanted to continue our exploration after dinner but saw another dark cloud approaching - back to the foot bridge we went.  Tomorrow I will wear my Garmin to track our mileage (quietly) and take a few pics of the journey to & from the is amazing.

One thing about a boating vacation - if you don't like to walk/work/move most of your waking'd better just rent a condo & drive.  We LOVE the constant challenge of having something to do in front of us.  We have different talents and abilities so together we can accomplish most of the tasks...if we can't, we know who to call!!  Have a super evening - praying for clear weather tomorrow!

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