Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday August 11 - Rules of a responsible boater...

1.  ALWAYS have a plan. A plan is necessary. A plan is essential. A plan is the mark of a true Captain.

2. Prepare to have you plan changed/cancelled at the discretion of others...in particular those wearing official uniforms and with bar lights on their vessels.

Upon waking we discovered TVA scheduled today to pull lines across the river and the bridge near the Harbor is still under maintenance.  Double delay...for our own safety, of course!

But we have made the best of it. I spent the morning preparing lunch (hoping to eat while underway). Also trotted off on my "fun run" trying a few new stops.  At every park bench, I spent 1 minute doing step-up, lunges, squats or push ups.  Each bench was a new exercise and the running between benches kept my heart rate up...THANKS Cleo for a GREAT idea!!!  I was pretty much alone in my adventure although several "on duty" folks were just shaking their heads...I'm sure they were jealous they couldn't join me.  I was soaking wet upon my return to the boat but feeling super!  Yes, it's hot in Florence AL.

We spoke with TVA and local police about the possibility is getting away today & both felt certain that when each authority took their lunch break we could leave.  YAY!! Enough time to wash a load of laundry...this is the life!

Wilson Lock - it's a MONSTER!
So at 12:20 we left the Marina & headed toward Wilson lock (about 15 minutes) and got in line to lock through.  Those who are unsure what that last sentence really means...it's like waiting for an elevator to move you to a higher/lower elevation. Pleasure boats (like us) have the last priority of locking through.  YEP, it's a work week and there is a barge waiting as well. As I type this we are tied to the lock wall with an expected wait time of 3 hours. And for those who are thinking "Why didn't they call the lock before they left the marina?"  We did - you have to be tied to the wall to get you place in line.  We are #2!!  Life is good...glad we had a plan!

The Kennedy Barge - yes sir, you may go through first.
So with today's alternate/delayed travel plan we will probably spend tonight anchored out somewhere between Wilson Lock & Guntersville (that's a long distance) & motor on tomorrow. We will still be in Chattanooga by the weekend - because that's part of the "plan" - but if you know us at all...the journey is always better than the destination!  Isn't that true in life as well?

The moral of the story is to be prepared & be prepared to adjust.  We have all our provisions so what's a little time on the wall?  Hmmm...maybe wall sits?  You know who you are and you LOVE 'em!!

Have a super Tuesday & may your afternoon be "waiting wall free".  Be blessed!

Tied to the wall - cozy!

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