Thursday, August 20, 2015

UPDATE:  Well, we past JP Coleman State Park around 2:00 central time. The wind is at our backs so The Lower Place is motoring across Pickwick Lake without much resistance - it's a little choppy but that's fine.  The sun is breaking through some remaining clouds - wearing sunglasses is a welcome change!!

I've been driving a couple hours so I'm on break for a little while. The mind starts wondering in different directions while spending time alone in the fly bridge and while our maiden voyage is not quite over, I've complied the Top Ten List of...

THINGS WE LEARNED ON OUR VOYAGE (in no particular order)

1. After 24 years and 11 months of marriage we still make a great team and continue to learn from one another

2. If you require glasses, contact lenses...or hearing aids...on land - chances are these items are still necessary on the water. Just sayin'

3. Six hundred and sixteen miles (round trip) on the water requires a plan - only to be changed without warning or your personal approval...Roll with it!

4. An AM/FM radio with a USB port is essential on the fly bridge

5. Cell phones don't float

6. Clouds and rain are weather - just like sunshine and heat - God, thank you for variety!

7. Marinas are great but not always required

8. A full make up routine is not a daily requirement - eyeliner, mascara and Rodan & Fields Lip Balm is mandatory!

9. Washing clothes is necessary but once a week is acceptable

10. A trusted and committed husband with an open mind and big heart - the love of your life - is the perfect beginning and end to any journey life may throw your way.

Happy Thursday Friends!!  My break is over....time to help the Captain navigate the boat traffic of Grand Harbor Marina on Pickwick lake!!


  1. Shoutout for the lip balm!!! I'm loving your post, and read daily, but i'm terrible about leaving a comment. Love this top 10 list!!

    1. Thank you!! I have always loved the lip balm - this trip confirmed its mandate in my routine!! Awesome!!