Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday, August 19

Still on our return trip home and today we've had ZERO rain during our travels!  We were approaching Joe Wheeler lock, heard some radio chatter & noticed a dark horizon (again). Charlie called the lock master and asked about the wait time. It wasn't going to be long so we were ok with that.  Then Charlie asked about the Wilson lock in Florence - you know the BIG MONSTER we encountered a 5 hour delay on the outbound journey?  The lock master responded with "Well they don't have power right now. We've been trying to call them on the phone but there is no answer - so we don't know when their power will be on."

Since we've been down this river before and based on the dark horizon... Charlie called Joe Wheeler State Park!!  Yep, they have room in the inn (slip).  So 56 miles after we started - we docked!  Joe Wheeler is where we anchored on the way to Chattanooga (in the dark) so it's nice to see it in daylight hours!

Nice place!! A hotel/lodge, cabins for rent, camp ground and who knows how many walking/hiking trails?!?  Again, if you're looking for a great get-a-way without jet lag - check out north Alabama and all the natural beauty it offers!!  Absolutely gorgeous!!

Just as we tied down & settled the boat...the rain started.  The good Lord is really looking out for us & we give all the glory to Him for our safety!!  The lady at the registration center said this area was predicting strong storms tonight - I'm thankful we are in a slip.

I have some GREAT pictures from our travels today Huntsville (Ditto Landing) to Rogersville (Joe Wheeler).  I just don't know how to get them from my iPad to the laptop - I'm so technology deficient and simply don't care enough to spend a lot of time learning about it...that's sad...  But maybe later this afternoon I will get my mind right & try.

So once again it was an easy but short travel day & we are doing well.  Honestly, trying to drag out this week as long as we can...good times!!  Be blessed in all you do & say!

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