Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yes -it is Tuesday.  When we anchored on Monday we had no cell/Internet service. So this is a day late...hopefully today I will have time to figure out importing photos from my iPad and Charlie's phone.

Monday Monday Monday

Yep - it's "Return Trip Monday". We started our return trip today from lovely Chattanooga. We had a steady - hard rain the entire way to Nickajack Lock. But no thunder or lightening so we motored right through it.  At the lock we were delayed for barge traffic, so we dropped anchor (in the POURING rain) & had lunch.  Once we finished lunch, the rain lightened & I headed out on deck to check the lines & fenders...lo & behold the rain stopped!! I quietly prayed that the lock master would call & say "Come on down"!!  About 10 minutes later, the rain still interrupted, the good Lord answered my prayer!!  I heard "Nickajack Lock to The Lower Place, Channel 14"  Charlie answered & Mr. Lock Master said he was filling the lock & we could make our way to the Starboard side in about 10 minutes!!  YAY!!!  We locked through WITHOUT rain...now everything was soaking wet but that was fine with me!! I was out of the rain gear!!  Although I'm ever-so thankful to Frogg Togg and their rain suits - A MUST HAVE!!

Not long after we cleared the lock, the heavens opened again & that was alright with me.  We are safe & secure driving in the fly bridge or lower helm. We have radar & AIS to alert us of "large targets" (read: barges around the curve) in the event of low visibility. So other than a gloomy day, everything is moving right along.

We will find a place to anchor by late afternoon since we don't expect the weather conditions to improve - we want to be secured before nightfall.  The cloud cover is thick so darkness might come before sunset in our world.  Of course, whenever we anchor there is no promise for phone or internet coverage...just know that no news is good news and we are safe.

That's about all to report from The Lower Place this afternoon - we plan to be back in Fulton by Friday...but you know how a plan can work!!

Use today to start a positive habit - Monday's have a bad reputation - let's try to change that!
Be blessed!

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