Sunday, August 7, 2016

TICK TOCK           TICK TOCK           TICK TOCK

Time is moving forward to our departure date of late October!!  The to-do list is growing but available time just increased since Friday August 5 was my final working day!!  WaHOOO!!

So we are officially in “crunch time" season to transition from land to water life.  For months we have been back and forth trying to get small projects completed but now I can block out a week at a time to start AND FINISH a few tasks. I can’t wait to know how that works!?

 So stay tuned – we won’t bore you with the daily stuff – but there may be a few short trips on the horizon!  You know, for practice…

A quick shout out to all of you who have emotionally supported us in this adventure…through your tears and fears…THANK YOU!!  We promise to keep you in our hearts and invite you to come along with us in spirit.

Stay tuned…there is bound to be some comedy in the days to come!

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