Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Relaxing Day at Windham Anchorage

Well after Wednesday’s less than a full day’s journey and we decided to stay an extra day at anchor – Windham Anchorage at mile marker 286 is quite pleasant, protected from the wind and provides a great view for river traffic.  So this morning we were greeted with fishing boats trolling to and fro.  Not a problem for us as they were friendly but probably thinking “what are these people doing with a boat this size and not fishing?” 
NOTE: There are no pictures of the fishing boats...just in case today was a "sick" day...just sayin'.

Around mid morning Charlie and I along with Pat and Cathy on Southern Cross lower our dinghy’s for a couple hours of exploration!  What FUN!!  We saw more fishing boats in the back water and a few looper boats when we ventured into the main river channel.

Cruising in our dingy "The Side Yard"

Pat & Cathy hanging out with a nun
It’s amazing what you can find along the river banks.  Like something named “Next Level Jugs” – a catfish float.  The most interesting discovery is the address of the maker…is a “down the road neighbor” to our daughter and her family! A “down the road neighbor” is someone you know in the community. I sent this picture to them and they confirmed…Mr. Fryery, your merchandise has been exported to Alabama!!  And we’ve seen a LOT of them – good for you!!

Next Level Jugs - perfect fishing equipment! Give 'em a call!
There weren’t a whole lot of photo ops since the river banks look the same and I tend to only travel with my phone packed in its own PFD (personal floatation device).  I’m trying to remember to take pictures with our actual camera – I promise once we frequent land again the quality of photos will improve!

Speaking of land…tomorrow we will pull up anchor around daybreak and head south the Demopolis.  It will be a long day (70 miles) but Pat & Cathy need to have a few odds and ends checked out on their boat.  They have an appointment for Monday, so we will be spending the weekend in Demopolis!!  Charlie & I will explore some of the sights and sounds and maybe learn a few factoids to pass along!!  

 We will be at Kingfisher Bay Marina in Demopolis Friday evening and then play it by ear…

Enjoy your own journey - life's an adventure, not a destination

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