Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hello October!

Almost there!!!

It’s been awhile since our last update…wow, we have been BUSY!!!  Moving, packing, unpacking, cleaning, packing, unpacking, stacking, unstacking…and that’s why I promised I wouldn’t bore you with the daily grind!!!  However, we are the proud owners of a brand new holding tank (think: septic tank)!!  Nothing says Happy 26th Anniversary!! like a custom made holding tank shipped from California!!!  Oh Happy Day!!  However, we are so thankful the leak was discovered (via smell) & corrected prior to our departure!!
We have been on the boat full time for about a week – even though I tend to migrate home at random times – and are looking forward to the day of departure!  Right now October 25 looks like our target departure from Fulton…weather conditions &/or anticipation will determine a shift in the date.

Our time at Midway Marina has been FABULOUS!  The super great staff, knowledge of the friendly town of Fulton & second to none Holiday Inn Express accommodations (remember: we didn’t have a holding tank for about a week?), what a great little piece of paradise!!  And just yesterday, I was introduced to some fantastic hiking/walking trails RIGHT HERE!!  Five miles and 1 hour, 25 minutes later I returned as a new person – GREAT therapy for someone who could not imagine another day of re-organizing the organization…ugh!  THANKS George!!!  Sorry no pics, I was so excited when he told me, I just left…no phone, camera, water...just me & my Garmin…ahhhhh!!!

Boat traffic has picked up at Midway with Loopers heading south to complete their adventure.  Charlie & I had the great pleasure of hosting a couple from Daytona Beach, FL last night, Ric & Sandy aboard Sandy Bottom.  They will complete their loop this winter & had a LOT of information to share…we were so thankful to have that time with them.

On Monday, 10/3, we greeted 2 other looper boats – Fred & Julie aboard Blue Skies from New London, CT and Tim with traveling friend Tale aboard Entre Nous from Annapolis MD.  Again, such great information but even more special was general conversation & realizing how small our world is!  And their experience with us…nothing says Welcome to Mississippi like a ride to the Mexican Restaurant in the back of Charlie’s pick-up truck!!  Yep…THAT really happened…is ANYONE surprised?!?

So as I try to find some kind of routine/structure for the next couple weeks, I hope to have the opportunity to share a little more insight…until then, have a great day and do something nice when nobody is looking!!

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  1. My husband and I live in central Florida and plan on retiring in 7 years and beginning our Great Loop adventure. Until then, I will follow your adventures via this blog. Perhaps when you are in Crystal River, we could drive you to dinner. We even have a back seat in our pick up truck!