Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hump Day and counting down!!

Hump Day and counting down!!

We have been at Joe Wheeler State Park since Sunday attending the AGLCA Fall Rendezvous.  We have attended lectures about navigation, boat maintenance, anchoring, etc.  Needless to say, this is the PERFECT week to attend the meetings…maybe we will retain the information!  As of this posting…we still plan to depart Midway Marina in Fulton MS on October 23rd and head south to Columbus Marina, we will dock there a couple days and then REALLY head south!!!

This part of the country is suffering from lack of rain…our boating experience/adventures usually begin in the rain…so fingers crossed for those who need a little shower.  Our motto is…A rainy day on the river is STILL a day on the river!

A few snapshots of our time so far
Monday Sunrise over the Joe Wheeler Lake

View from our room

State Park Marina is very accommodating...

With +/- 300 people in attendance, it's hard to image the crowds!

Less than 84 hours until cast off…so EXCITED!!!  Happy Wednesday evening!!

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