Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday - it is VERY sunny!

Thank you Lord for another sunrise!
 So there wasn’t much to post about yesterday…no news is good news!!  We spent the day at and around the marina.  The walking trail led to the boat yard (boat yard = service area/fuel dock) so Charlie was ready to explore!  On the way we discovered a dredging operation and apparently they have been working on this project for quite some time.

The word is – the marina owner is dredging the basin, selling the sand & will use the proceeds to build more docks!  This is a very responsible business plan and a smart way to use the assets/materials on site to improve the livelihood of the marina.  Kudos!

Of course, every boy LOVES a sand pile…now if we only had a few Tonka trucks!!

My sweet husband just HAD to climb to the top!
While in the boat yard, we were able to walk through the boats “on the hard” (out of water), the marina allows boat owners to work on their own vessels if they choose.  We saw several men spending some time on Saturday morning working quite diligently.   I’m always interested in the story behind the boat name…this one has my level of creativity written all over it!!

Last night (Saturday) we ventured off the property for dinner at The Red Barn.  It did not disappoint!!  WOW!!! Salad, vegetable gumbo, grilled yellow fin tuna, wild rice….YUM!!  Charlie skipped the gumbo & had smoked ribs – just as tasty!  A family owned establishment, only open for dinner and totally worth it!!  If you are in Demopolis – it’s a MUST EAT!!  We didn’t dare order the blueberry cobbler for dessert – but no doubt it would have been just a tasty.  And just to be really is a barn!! Fun, Fun :-)

From left: Charlie, Cathy & Pat (Southern Cross), Dan & Melinda (Nora J) & Robin
Our driver/host was Dan & Melinda – former boat neighbors from Midway Marina in Fulton.  They are now living at Kingfisher Bay…small world!! It was great to see them…good times!!!

A great city park - right on the water!
Our Journey pulling out - heading south
After that great meal and brief tour of the town, Sunday morning was beckoning me to hit the pavement!  I was up early waiting to catch the sunrise & watching a line of boats departing for destinations south.  I wanted to attend church & someone else already reserved the car but I saw First Baptist Church of Demopolis on our town tour.  I checked the location/distance on my phone – 1.6 miles – no brainer!!  I headed out walking so I would have a realistic time frame for later when I walked to the 11:00 service…22 minutes!  YAY!!

Once I walked past the church, I had plenty of time to trot around the downtown area…and I got “turned around” (lost) in true Robin fashion.  I pulled out my phone and realized…I needed to turn around…and pick up the pace!  It was 8:30 & I needed to get showered, dressed and get back on foot to make the service…I get lost EVERY TIME I’m in a new town!  Oh well…

Back to the boat with plenty of time to spare, I asked Cathy from Southern Cross to join me because…when I saw Charlie he said the people with the car reservation were going to the Presbyterian Church – 2 blocks from the Baptist Church!!  Thank you Jesus!!  We had a ride and met some new friends!!  Double blessing!

The service was incredible…message in music & word and the NICEST folks!!  So warm and friendly…very welcoming!!  THANKS FBC Demopolis!!  You set the bar high for next week’s service attendance…where ever I may be – thanks for your prayers Addison and Libby!!

Back to the marina & boats are coming in at a steady pace…some folks we met at Joe Wheeler – it’s like a reunion!!  Looping Fun!!

Have a blessed Sunday!!

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