Monday, November 21, 2016

Another GREAT Monday!

I know it’s been a day or so since the last update…too much fun happening!!

We have recovered from THE CROSSING, the laundry is done and I/we have explored the town on foot!!!  Poor Charlie – every time we leave the marina it’s an “automatic 5 miles”!  Today was only 4 (well, ok, maybe 5) but not all at one time!

Laundry facilities on the 2nd floor - no bad...
We started out heading to West Marine with a side stop at the grocery store.  We were more than cool walking through Tarpon Springs, down the highway and across the large parking lot pulling our wagon!  What a better way to see a new town AND get a little exercise.  It was back to the boat, a quick bite of lunch then uh-oh…Charlie needed a “micro SD memory card” for the chart plotter.  No problem!!  Walgreen’s had them…only 1.2 miles away…YAY!!!  And here we go again in a different direction – new sights…YAY!!!

Of course, with all the excitement of pedestrian life I failed to take any pictures except this one…although it’s a Jamaican Restaurant, I’m thinking it could be the name of a variety of businesses.  It smelled great but we kept walking.

What a name...Love it!

The bright spot of my day was a conversation with my long-lost Aunt Phyllis!  She lives “a stone’s throw with a strong arm” from the marina.  And I’m ashamed to say it’s been WAY TOO LONG since our last visit (my fault). However, she has invited us to join her and family for dinner on Thursday – I’m so excited to see her and catch up on the latest stuff! 

Tonight we had a spur-of-the-moment dinner group heading to Paul’s Shrimp House…yes, we walked there too!  It was 2 for1 Fish & Chips and it was DELICIOUS and too much fun with our looper family!  The owner and staff could not have been nicer or more accommodating – it’s amazing how 8 folks can walk into a restaurant and become friends with everyone else in the room…its looper magic!
The weather has been SUPER!  A little windy but sunny and temps sitting in the 60’s…I think we can tough it out until we get further south (sarcasm intended).  Tomorrow I plan to visit the sponge docks AND take my camera! So maybe you won’t continue to be bored with the narrative.

Take time this week to take a deep breath and don’t stress for the moment…then dive right in and ENJOY your time with family – and those who you wish were family!!

Happy Tuesday evening…Be blessed!

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