Saturday, November 12, 2016

Blue Skies and Blue Angels

Saturday turned out to be a fantastic weather day and fun-filled!  We left Wolf Bay around 8ish and traveled a whopping 18 miles to Perdido Key.  The anchorage cove was full so we dropped the hook outside the channel.  Turned out to be the best seats in the house for the 70th Anniversary Blue Angles Homecoming!

Ric and Prudi from Rascal’s Retreat joined us.  They were anchored in the cove and the land barrier also blocked their view of the low flying jets.  We grabbed our cameras, binoculars, folding chair and a bottle of water and climbed up on the dinghy deck.  The dinghy was already in the water and made the neighborhood route to see who/if we knew anyone…hence, Ric and Prudi!!  Anyway, who knew Ric was a Navy brat (his dad was a pilot)???   So, not only did we enjoy their visit – we also received a lesson regarding the history of the Blue Angels AND various foreign fighter jets!  What a treat!

I can’t begin to narrate the show except, if you EVER have an opportunity to attend one…DO IT!!  Absolutely phenomenal – the training and precision is beyond words – I am blessed to have witnessed this talent.  And I am even prouder to be an American!

This was shot with my phone-note the sun/moon proximity

The setting sun from the bow of our boat – I promise it hasn’t been edited – God’s handiwork needs no adjustment.

God Bless!

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