Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Guess where we are...?!?!

What’s that saying…The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Surprise!!  We are STILL in Demopolis!!  No kidding!!  We woke before dawn on Wednesday, preparing to leave later than we wanted but still before noon.  Well THAT didn’t happen and due to the drought & declining water levels we were discouraged from leaving any later.  We certainly didn’t want to get caught by darkness on the river and since 20 boats left early this morning any available anchorages were sure to be full.  Yep, it’s official…we have found Hotel California!!  Kids, ask your parents what that means – they will probably smile!

So, no pictures today, even though I did play tour guide in town for a little while.  However, TOMORROW (Thursday) we are on the list of boats to depart in the first wave!!  And the good news is we have a group of 6-8 boats – very easy to lock through in a small crowd.  That also means the anchorages should not be filled to capacity…praying for an uneventful, easy day with an early (3:00ish) anchor time!!

Mobile is about 2-3 days away and we are looking forward to seeing it – maybe with a side venture to Fairhope!  YAY!!!

You know there’s a reason for everything including departure delays…today I saw reason after reason for being “stuck”.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers regarding this adventure and most importantly always remember we have control of nothing except our response to a situation.

God Bless!!

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