Saturday, November 5, 2016

Happy Saturday!

Sunrise Saturday 11/5/2016  Country Dancer and Songlines.  Sailing vessels

It’s REALLY true…we are just north of Mobile Bay!  One more night at anchor then we will be IN Mobile Bay…and so much to do!

We have compiled a check list of “odd and ends” to review on the boat while we are in Mobile.  Some of these items are for peace of mind and other items are required…like the transmission for the starboard engine.

Yep, Friday afternoon as we turned 180 degrees to enter the anchorage, the starboard (right) transmission simply quit working.  But we have twin engines and that equals twin transmissions.  Charlie was able to safely drive deeper into the anchorage & drop the bow anchor.  Southern Cross pulled to our port side, dropped his bow anchor & tied to us.  We then threw out a stern anchor for good measure.

Following us all day were two sailboats, Country Dancer (remember Jodi from the impromptu grab-a-ride-to-the-grocery-store?) and Songlines. They heard our radio communication regarding the non-working transmission and immediately offered help or tools.  Charlie was already in the engine room & I was talking with the sailboats. Before I knew it, the sailboats were at anchor & rafted to one another. Songlines dropped his dinghy (seriously, that wording is perfectly acceptable *giggle*) and motored over to our boat.  He spoke with Charlie went back to Country Dancer & brought Gary on board!  Get this….not only does Gary have a working knowledge of transmissions…but he used to sell the brand we have!!  God is so completely amazing – He even cares about crazy boaters with dead transmissions!

Of course the REAL challenge came about when trying to place a call to the nearest marina…cell service was one bar at best.  Charlie found a spot on the fly bridge where he had 2 bars of service, propped the phone on a cable and they gathered around to speak with the marine mechanic. And let's remember, this was a Friday afternoon around 4:30!! Long story short, we are driving on one engine today and tomorrow – that is not a safety issue (unless the port transmission stops working) and the boat is handling just fine.
Coffeeville Lock early Friday morning!
 Here's another checklist for review - 

Non-working transmissions are a blessing because:
 1.  We had to BACK OUT of the anchorage Friday morning - transmission quit Friday afternoon
2.  We cleared our LAST lock on the river Friday morning - next lock is in South FLORIDA!
3.  What are the chances Gary from Country Dancer thought for one moment that his skill set would be needed?
4.  Songlines didn't wait for us to ask for help. He came over immediately because he "just felt like I needed to."  Plus he likes to ride the dinghy it's faster than his sailboat!
5.  The scripture for this morning's quiet time...I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go. Philippians 4:12.  I will meet all your needs according to My glorious riches.. Philippians 4:19

Any questions...?   Enjoy your Saturday and thank you for your prayers!!

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