Monday, November 7, 2016

It's been a Monday of blessings!

Turner Marine - overcast and happy!

Monday brought about overcast skies, strong wind and lower temps.  It was a good day to just stay tied to the dock.  Plus, we were on a mission to get on a list for transmission work.  By 8:00 Charlie was at the marina office and off to the service area.  By 9:00 he was back at the boat & said, “The guy is supposed to come by & check it out.”  Before long “the guy” was here, the hatches were open and he was in the engine room.  SUPER GREAT man named Brent!  Very professional, willing to discuss the circumstances and take in all the supporting info Charlie could supply.   I stayed in the background praying that whatever the trouble was – we would feel confident with the diagnosis.

Brent said the clutch plate was toast and by the way, the clutch plate was the easiest, most cost effective repair (prayer answered)!!  But…he was going to have to “find” a replacement so he was headed back to the shop to begin his search.  Shortly afterward, he came back to get a little more identifying information.   It seems the plate was a little difficult to find because the part number was “no longer available”.  Deep breaths, more prayers and already thankful that we knew Brent was on the search.

A few phone calls later (and many prayers asking for patience and understanding) Brent showed up at the boat…with something in his hand!!!!  Get this - after searching most of the day without success Brent did what any great mechanic/service person would…he went to a machine shop to have one custom cut.  The machinist looked at it & said, “I think I have one of these in the back - up on a shelf…been there about 10 years.”  WHAT?!?!

Brent came in, put the part on, re-attached the transmission – it all looked very involved and he was smiling and talking the whole time.  He will come back on Wednesday to make some adjustments then a sea trial.  He is such a kind man…and yesterday was his birthday!!

I am completely amazed at this answered prayer because it may seem trivial, selfish and so incredibly unimportant…but it offers a platform to share what God is doing in our daily lives.  Even the most basic needs in life are out of our control…faith and obedience is required.

May you have a terrific Tuesday and be blessed!!

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