Friday, November 25, 2016

It's Friday!

And beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

What a fantastic Thanksgiving Day we had at Chris and Debbie’s!  It was great to see family, meet some for the first time and make friends with a neighbor from Germany…even off the water we have a good time!  Of course, I failed to take the camera but trust me…we didn’t leave hungry!!! W. O. W.!

So Friday kicked off with a quick trot to the grocery store because Saturday morning we will pull out of Turtle Cove and anchor out for the next 4-5 days!!  YAY!! Tarpon Springs has been a wonderful stop and besides the fantastic people, the architecture has to be my favorite non-person thing about this town.  It seems every building or home has a story.  The Greek culture is alive and well – including the buildings!!
A Bed & Breakfast tucked away-check out their website!

The courtyard at the B&B - bed frames used for the fence for the Blessings road.

THIS HOUSE!! Across from Craig Park-where people jog & manatees play! Wow, Wow!!
This afternoon we took a dinghy tour of the neighborhood – we were told about some beautiful homes on the other side of a bridge and decided to go exploring.  Little did we know several other looper were on the same dinghy tour!
Bridge clearance of 6' & required a 2 hour notice to open - glad we were in the dinghy!

For Sale - Corner Lot! Hammocks in the front yard!
Honey, I'm home!!
Hey! The crew from Sanctuary - we know you!
In several of my runs through town, I’ve been up and down one street watching a man decorate his home.  Today he said that tonight would be the initial lighting, so after dinner our group of 13 went on a “walk to the lights”.  The children of the home were super stoked and I felt like we should sing a few carols…no one agreed, so there were no songs!  But we were welcomed and appreciated…again, such kindness!!

Merry Christmas from Tarpon Springs!

Archways on the sidewalk (right) & lighted palms on the left - HARD WORK!
As today draws to a close I have to say my favorite time of the day was a phone call from Debbie.  She & Chris came by the boat and after the “big tour” we had the opportunity just to sit down and visit.  Long overdue – very much enjoyed!  We need to do it again before another 30 years pass – crazy girls!!

Saturday mid-morning we will pull out of the marina and head south (of course).  As stated in an earlier blog we will head to Fort Myers but we are in no hurry. So we have several anchorages picked out…which means we may or may not have internet service – will find out when we get there!
"Road signs" on the water - just in case...
As we move into the Christmas season, my prayer is for peace and contentment with life as it is.  Embrace the present, try to improve the future, learn from the past and always, always move forward resting in the Lord.

God Bless!

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