Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's time...!!!

So the last 48 hours have been interesting…as previously mentioned we have been working toward Carrabelle FL to cross the Gulf of Mexico and “land” in Tarpon Spring FL.  Weather windows, other boats and general “let’s get this party started” have been the topic of conversations not only between Charlie and I but also the other FIVE boats we’ve added to our list of companions!!  YAY!!  While Charlie & I have no fear of this leg of the trip, we certainly wanted more than just 1 other boat with us…there’s a long list of reasons – but I’ll let you form your own opinion!  

We anchored in White City FL on Wednesday night and headed directly to Carrabelle on Thursday morning – bypassing Apalachicola due to time constraints.  Normally, we wouldn’t have a schedule but Mother Nature is closing the “good weather windows” from weekly to perhaps monthly.  This may be our last opportunity for a crossing before Thanksgiving!!  So here we are…

After checking in & getting tied up at The Moorings, we gathered with the other “crossing loopers”.  With calculators in hands and LOTS of conversation regarding knots vs mph and channel point vs buoy numbers…we will leave the marina around 11:00AM on Friday and head toward Dog Island to line up and depart around 2:00 (eastern time).  Pending no complications, we should see the glorious sunrise of Saturday morning several miles west of Tarpon Springs.

At that point, navigation of crab pots and fishing boats will commence, so arrival to Tarpon Springs will be after the 10:00 time frame to allow for a safe approach.  We haven’t firmed a marina reservation yet but I will take care of that in the morning.

This evening Charlie is changing fuel filters (with my help) and reviewing the waypoints on the GPS.  I’m stowing anything that can fall someplace “cozy”, updating the blog & will call the girls and family for a quick visit.  I wanted to do a little laundry…but that can wait for the west coast of FLORIDA!!

This update will be brief and picture-less…time is ticking and tomorrow will be here before we know it!!
We are excited and anticipating a wonderful experience in the Gulf of Mexico with our buddy boats: Southern Cross, Sanctuary, Robin’s Nest, Rascal’s Retreat and Last Call.

We will leave a float plan with The Moorings Marina in Carrabelle AND the girls.  Once we are in place in Tarpon Springs will contact the marina and the girls…and I will give a brief update via this blog.  We appreciate all your prayers and for those who understand the core reason for this journey…He is working all around us!!

God Bless!

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