Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday...where did the time go?

Sunset on Saturday at St. Pete's Beach
We departed Tarpon Springs Saturday morning and before I knew it…it was Monday afternoon and we are anchored at Cayo Costa State Park in Boca Grande FL! So a quick recap…Saturday was a non-event travel day with our only goal “be anchored & set before the Egg Bowl”.  Goal reached & victory documented…Wahoo!!!!  Anchored at St. Pete’s Beach was phenomenal and put it on our “must visit again” list.  I’m a HUGE fan of anchoring – you get the BEST sunrise & sunset pictures – not to mention the solitude…**sigh**!

Sunrise on Sunday at St. Pete's Beach

Up early on Sunday and headed further south…remember how the anxiety level was elevated 12 days ago because we had to cross the Gulf of Mexico?  Well…that adventure was highly over rated…crossing Tampa Bay??  Now THAT was an adventure!!  We were NOT prepared for that challenge and it was VERY “active”!! We entered Tampa Bay to see St. Petersburg but it was way too windy to stop anywhere! 
However, we survived physically – after I picked up all the fresh produce thrown about – mentally, we were spent!  We dropped anchor at Siesta Key, FL & I was too “keyed” to sleep – toughest day yet!

Sunshine Skyway Bridge!!  Exiting Tampa Bay!!! YAY!!
Monday was “Bridge Day”.  Sunday we passed under 6 bridges (some had to open due to our height) but MONDAY??   How about EIGHT bridges before lunch? And the wind, traffic and current on Lemon Bay…geesh!!  However, we had the unparalleled opportunity to see Sarasota & Venice FL from the Waterway…absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  Venice has a walking/running/biking trail on BOTH sides of the water!!  I just wanted to drop anchor and swim to shore and run!  Yep, Venice is a must-visit-again-and-stop-the-boat!  Gorgeous!!
Corner Lot! Location, location, location...
Neighborhood in Venice - Feels like Italy!

Lot for Sale - described in Square FEET! Wonder what the "lower price" is?
Dolphins LOVE to swim with us - everyday since saltwater!
We experienced our FIRST rain shower this afternoon while exploring the island. Like most of the country, it was not enough to combat the drought…but it did rinse the salt water from the boat!
Rain clouds moving in from the Gulf side of the island

Tuesday will be a “rest day”.  We will remain at Cayo Costa – hiking (ok walking-there are no hills to hike), running, biking, & enjoying the Gulf side of the island.  The weather is forecast to be in the 80’s so sunscreen is a must!
Tortoise on "hiking" trail at Cayo Costa

May you continue to give kindness and gratitude toward others – it may come back to you!
My Happy Dance!!  Solid Ground!!
Be blessed!

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