Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday on the Water!

Another traveling Sunday but we were blessed to hear local (Pensacola) sermons on the radio – great job Pensacola Baptist Church!!  Much enjoyed!

Our intention was to spend the day in Pensacola and take in a little local culture as well as visit some of the open-to-the-public military venues. But…with overcast skies, moderate wind and the realization of using the dinghy as our transportation in all the “mess”, we made the decision to travel in the big boat – at least we would stay dry!  So we pulled up anchor and motored east around 9:00.

While the weather did not change for the better OR worse, the scenery did!!  Yep, the panhandle of Florida did not disappoint!  We saw deep water, shallow water, wide water, choppy water and narrow channels.  We met a few boats & experienced the “Florida boater” reputation (no radio communication, no lower speed & no regard for responsibility of their wake) we have heard about on numerous occasions…all true.

But the homes were very pretty and of course my mind was trying to calculate the cost of living in such an area…
We were too close to capture to entire property - very nice.

Seemed strange to see a lawn and not a dock!
We are very fortunate to have a slip at the Fort Walton Beach City Dock for the evening…it’s FREE!!  Water and pump out are provided but no electricity – no problem, we have a generator.  AND we have neighbors…5 other looper boats are also here!!  AND as soon as we were settled, I was able to pull on running shoes for a much-needed tour the area…it was still daylight.  Four miles later I return with lots of knowledge.

Need a grocery store?  Sure Publix is right down this street, turn right at the light & it’s just past the tattoo shop.  Chamber of Commerce?  Public Library? Fire or Police Department?  Auto parts store – saw 3-4 of them!  Episcopal or Presbyterian church? Sports Bar…oh yea, they’re here too!  It was a good run & I didn’t get lost – too badly – since all roads lead to the water! 

Unfortunately I won’t get to explore the tourisy things I saw – Okaloosa Island, Gulfaruim Marine Park, Indian Temple Mound & Museum, Camp Walton Schoolhouse, etc. because we are leaving in the morning headed to Panama City!!  So that means YOU might need to plan a little trip to Fort Walton Beach!!  It’s the perfect time of year…think about it!!

We are approaching that part of the journey where I may reference “the crossing” more often. This is an open-water, 20-24 hour journey from Carrabelle Florida to Tarpon Springs Florida (panhandle to central region).  Naturally an ideal weather window is something we must have and so it is something we must wait for.  We would like to get to Carrabelle by the end of the week – that will allow us time to “stage” the boat (buy & prepare food, refill the water tanks, pump out and refuel).  There are numerous weather services we use for local knowledge and will rely heavily on their expertise.  SEVERAL boats we are currently travelling with have the same fluid time frame and it looks like we will have plenty of company for our journey.  Of course, we are in no hurry BUT once we get started there isn’t an option to stop half way if the weather becomes difficult.  We have spoke with PLENTY of crossing veterans and know there ARE good weather windows during this time of year.  RELAX…we will be fine!  SMILE!!!

Mental challenge:  The word “left” means remaining AND departed. 
            Example:  There is one cookie left.  AND He has departed the building.  

So that means “left” is a contronym.  Go ahead ask your teacher…or a 9 year old!

Have a super Monday…catch you in the waves!!

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  1. You are cracking me up with your tidbits of random knowledge! Just had to go back and read the last 10 days or so of post, because I was behind, but sounds like you are both having a great time, and really enjoying whatever comes your way! Save travels!