Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sunny Thursday in Fairhope AL

We are still at Turner Marine but the boat is in top running condition…yay!!! But we just couldn’t leave without spending a day in Fairhope!!  SUCH FUN…especially as a girl’s day.  That’s right; Cathy & I rented a car & headed to Fairhope this morning for a day trip.  Enterprise Rent-A-Car was exceptional with their service, professionalism and fun personalities.  It was the perfect start & finish to a great day.

If you haven’t been to downtown Fairhope – it’s a must see!  The only franchise name we saw was a Hampton Inn – but the building blended with everything around it – other than that every store was independently owned!  The town was very clean and each storefront was inviting and of course the Southern Hospitality was front and center!

One of our first stops was at the Fairhope Connection – a great shop with local artist wares on display, photography, jewelry, paintings, etc.  Then our stroll seemed to take us to all kinds of antique shops, local artists displays and unique clothing boutiques.  We walked up & down several streets each one just as welcoming and pristine as the previous.

We stopped at the information center for a quick break, noticed the Fairhope Museum and stepped inside.  WOW!!  Such an interesting piece of history and so well preserved and presented.  We had a personal guided tour and really learned so much about the oldest single tax colony in the US.  Kids, click here and amaze your social studies teacher!  It’s worth a field trip or even a weekend family outing – something for everyone to learn!

As we strolled along there was a store named The HappyOlive…Oh My Goodness!!! I was a happy olive when we left!!  Sue was super sweet and ever so helpful…who knew Olive Oil could be used on ice cream?!?!  Haven’t tried it…yet, but I’m sure it’s going to happen!  Folks when you walk into a store & the manager say, “Oils are on the right and Vinegars on the left.”  You know you’re in the right place!  Oh and EVERYTHING can be sampled…by the end of our taste test I was simply drinking the oil & vinegar – forget the bread, cracker or popcorn!  Y. U. M.!!  An added bonus was that she sold “mini” bottles since each item was pulled from a vat.  Great idea for someone with very limited storage space.  Six mini bottles later we left the store and couldn’t wait to get back to the boat to cook dinner!

Dinner will have to wait until tomorrow.  Once we got back to the boat Mike & Tammi (Songlines) asked us to join them at the Mobile Yacht Club for dinner.  We had a great meal and even better conversation – always great to learn more about our boating neighbors/traveling partners.  They are headed to Fairhope tomorrow and I promised them it would not disappoint.

So, no pictures today but we will leave Turner Marine on Friday heading south; it won’t be long before we will turn east!!  I will get some great shots tomorrow and pending internet connectivity, you may see blue skies and salt water Friday night!!

Speaking of Friday...Veterans Day.  To all of you who have worn (or currently wear) a military uniform and your families…THANK YOU for your service.  I’m proud to live in this country and it’s because of your commitment to our freedom.  God Bless

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