Sunday, November 6, 2016

What a difference a week makes...

Welcome to Mobile Bay!!!!

Last Sunday we were in Demopolis, attended church at First Baptist and had an all around good day.  Of course everyday on the water can be a good day…depends upon your perspective.

Today attending church was not an option since we were at anchor 12 miles north of Mobile Bay but that doesn’t mean we didn’t take the time for a little study and prayer.  Thankfulness never gets old and being surrounded in nature is a constant reminder that God is VERY REAL in the big and little things in life.

Sunset at our final anchor before Mobile Bay
Since we “gained” an hour of daylight today it was an early departure.  Anchor up at 6:45 with calm winds.  As we approach Mobile Bay winds shifted to more like 13 MPH and the bay had a bit of a “churn” to it…and remember we were driving on one engine.  The challenge was real but with each new thing we are required to achieve, I see improvement in our communication skills, knowledge of predicting the boats response and naturally our confidence level increases.  That’s not to say we enjoyed docking the boat in a crowded marina, in the wind with one engine but that’s what needed to be done.

Crossing Mobile Bay - Southern Cross leading the way!!
 We saw some incredible sights on the bay – industrial, military, community parks, etc.  The city seems to have really focused on the downtown area because the city dock/wall was conveniently located in downtown.  If our mechanical circumstances were not a concern, I would have enjoyed staying there.

The bad news of the day is…the 115+ pictures I took of our journey were mistakenly deleted from the camera card.  It happens, we are all human and if that’s the worst mistake made today…well we are running above average.  I did take a few with my phone but they aren’t the best quality.

This was taken on Saturday - I'm not sure of the exact location. While I don't think that's the official bridge name - one can understand the imagination involved,
The "Dolly Pardon" Bridge - I didn't hear her singing?

 After 3.5 days on the boat it was time to stretch our legs and maybe look for some local cuisine.  Funny how being near water makes one hungry for seafood!!  The Mobile Yacht Club allows guests of Turner Marine to dine on their premises and it’s a nice 5 minute walk!  I’m not a fan of food photos but I will say the Baked Crab Stuffed Avocado with Remoulade Sauce was pretty & pretty good too!!!  It was a great appetizer followed with a bowl of gumbo (what else??)  Charlie enjoyed the Red Beans and Rice after his trip to the salad bar – I might add that he made a good looking salad.  Needless to say, we enjoyed our meal.

Then it was back to the boat…nap for him and laundry for me.  I really wanted to check out the area before I set out on foot but there was WiFi in the laundry area so…you’re welcome!

May your Monday be filled with sunny skies and unexpected blessings!
Have a GREAT week - be thankful!

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