Sunday, December 11, 2016

Everglades City FL

As promised here’s an update from our FRIDAY adventure!  We heard so much about Everglades City so without warning (or camera) we headed to Everglades City!  Have I mentioned that much of our exploration is strictly spur-of-the-moment?  Anyone who knows my captain is not the least bit surprised!  I’m just the agreeable deck hand…ok, sometimes not so agreeable – but you understand!

Everglades City is the starting point for all things historic in south Florida – roads, canals, towns, infrastructure of all kinds.  And this sleepy little town of +/- 400 full time residents has done an excellent job of preserving the information, photos and tangible items in their museum!  It’s a non-profit establishment operating on donations and well worth a “tourist priced” contribution!  We spent over an hour here watching short movies, reading historical accounts and looking at artifacts.  It was mid morning so we had the place to ourselves.

So I admit, it’s a little much to ask your teacher for a field trip to Everglade City BUT please don’t venture to south Florida and skip this fabulous stop!  No, there are no beaches, amusement parks or retail outlet stores.  But there is the opportunity to really learn about the Native American and island roots of where it all began…and it wasn’t an easy feat!  Just look at some of the river/water names?!?!

We then rode through the “old Florida” style homes & neighborhoods, the Rod & Gun Club (historical significance) and thought about an Air Boat tour for a later time.

We stopped for lunch and it was delicious (grouper for both of us) but felt it was “tourist priced” however the service was good and everyone was friendly.  All in all, it was a GREAT DAY, we learned a lot and had a great appreciation for the Tamiami Trail on our return trip “home”. Yes, we have officially started calling the boat “home” when talking about returning to it.  Hey, home is where your pillow is!!!

So blessed to be an American with a higher appreciation of those who have forged the way!

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