Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Explore - Dinghy Style!

Thinking of home - enjoying Naples!

Since we are still on the mooring ball in Naples – today was dinghy exploration afternoon!  This morning we walked downtown and saw the commercial side of Naples plus I needed to find a post office…there is a special girl in my life with an upcoming 2nd birthday!!

This tree was HUGE & the ornaments were as big as my hand!
A few turns later and we were in the “picture postcard” side of town – just in time for lunch!  We found EJ’s Café and it was a great diner atmosphere!  I enjoyed my meal while sitting in a shady spot outside with the breeze blowing and people watching!  Charlie opted for a breakfast skillet and was equally satisfied with his very diner-like cuisine.
1/4 fresh pineapple stuffed with tuna, a side of cottage cheese & tomato wedge. And a slice of banana bread!  Y. U. M.!!
Probably the most photographed building in town!
A quick stop at the boat, we changed clothes and back into the dinghy for a self-guided tour!  The fun of visiting a town where water travel is equally sufficient to land…GOOD TIMES!!
We aren't on the TN-Tom - for sure!!

New neighborhood just under the 9' bridge!

The view from down under!

At dusk we are tucked safely on The Lower Place and The Side Yard (dinghy) is secured on board as well.  A little outside cleaning and inside engine check gives us peace of mind for a morning departure to Ft. Myers.  I’m not sure when we will depart nor how long it will take us but it's a one day journey – pending no complications.

The Lower Place on the mooring ball in Naples
Front of Smoke & Mirrors - my view from the dinghy
Smoke & Mirrors is ready for some fishing!
 Be safe, be blessed and hug someone…go ahead, you know you want to!!

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