Tuesday, December 20, 2016

FIVE days until Christmas!

Busy and fun is the best way to describe the past couple days!  Charlie seems to have a gift of finding required maintenance on the boat…yeah, let’s call it a gift.

Monday morning he decided to start the generator – just to listen to it.  I was out for a much needed run and found another neighborhood across the highway…yay, add another mile to the loop!  But my after-run rest did not happen.  When I returned, Charlie had the engine room hatches open and there was a lot of tap, tap, tap – rap, rap, rap going on.  Soon, I was wearing my “go-for” hat and hauling all kinds of tools from the box to the engine room – ok, more cardio.

After several false starts, Captain Charlie diagnosed a new fuel pump was in our immediate future.  A quick call to NAPA in Naples confirmed they had one in stock…road trip to NAPA, yippee!! Once we returned to the boat it was just an hour and the fuel pump was installed AND WORKING!!  I am so bless to have such a smart & mechanically minded husband – he has saved us $$$$ on many occasions! And he usually has an open schedule when a problem arises!

Tuesday is beginning to be our exploration days!  After another morning run (for me), Charlie was ready to hit the road & spend the day in Naples.  By lunchtime we were at the City Docks looking for “Moon Shadow”.  I’m not sure how Charlie connected with Dave & Colleen from Minnesota but they were in Naples on a mooring ball!  We grabbed a quick bite to eat & they arrived just as we were finishing.  What a fantastic visit and we learned so much from each other…the boating community is all about helping each other!  We hope to cross paths with them again!

Then we headed out to see Jim and Gail…they aren’t loopers (yet) but extended an invitation to visit their home in Naples!  See, Gail is from Charlie’s hometown AND they attend First Baptist Church!  Through the magic of face book and the posting of Pastor Hayes’ picture, Gail & Charlie connected and we were most honored to share the afternoon with them!  They are seasoned boaters and have experience in “big water”…the only thing holding them back from the loop is their dock lines!!  Hope to see y’all out there soon!!!  Thank you for an enjoyable day!!

Ok, so no pictures today (again) but I promise we are having a super time and wearing sunscreen!! Tomorrow will be grocery store day since I need to prepare a few dishes for Christmas Day!  But while we are in the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season, please take the time to shine a light of love and kindness!

Be blessed!!

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