Friday, December 9, 2016

Greetings from Sunny Southwest Florida!

It’s been a few days since the last update…marina life is an adjustment from the day to day travels.  But as promised from the last bit of news…here’s a picture of ONE of the local alligators we see daily.  We have seen two at a time trolling through the slips in the marina.  So far, I haven’t noticed a “No Swimming” sign…but then again, I haven’t looked for one!!
 On Tuesday we rented a small car (as expected) for the rest of the month.  Since we are 18 miles from the nearest store, we figured that was a little far to drag a wagon load of groceries!  And it has given us much needed independence from the water life.  We cruised around a little bit to get the feel of driving again.
Sunset from the Stern of The Lower Place
 Just before sunset the winds calmed enough so we were able to “stern in”!!  But like I said, docking takes teamwork.  Charlie walked down the dock looking for Scott and Barry and they were more than happy to help!  Harold is our boat neighbor so he stayed on his boat in a self-defense position!!  Hey, the wind was unpredictable and we needed all the assistance we could get!!  In no time, Scott & Barry were on the swim platform, stern lines in hand.  I had all but one line released from the pylons and Dave (across the dock) untied it as we backed out.  Charlie is getting more and more confident with docking & backing the boat…but backing the boat is still a BLIND activity!! So when other property is in “harm’s way” we always look for help…and folks are always willing to help!  YAY!!
The Lower Place - stern in!!  We are home-for a couple weeks!
Wednesday, Charlie worked on the boat changing fuel filters, cleaning strainers – routine maintenance.  I took the opportunity to explore Naples a little bit!!  What a great city and everything is well-marked!!

Thursday was laundry day!!  What a great way to spend our time!!  But, hey, everyone needs clean clothes!  And it is nice to have facilities on the premises!  So our daily bike rides/walking/running routes aren’t interrupted with transporting laundry!!
Tomorrow I will update our Friday Adventures!!  It’s time for dinner and it’s been a fun-filled day…so stay tuned!!


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