Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hanging out in Southwest Florida!

Question:  What’s the difference between an adventure and an ordeal?

Thursday was a beautiful weather day and we stayed at the marina all day!  I started out with a 2 mile walk-breaking in new running shoes-and sneezed several times!  Then I realized…it’s blooming season year-round in this part of the world.  So what kind of TREE is this?  The flower looks like a lily, but the tree stands 10-12’ high?  Oh well, the sneezing stopped later in the day.

And I finally took a trip to the other side of the marina and was pleased to see a “no swimming” sign; although, the alligator sightings should be enough to deter that activity, just sayin’.

Tomorrow we are heading back to Fort Myers for most of the day.  The radar dome is ready for pick-up.  It was removed for adjustment during the installation of the auto pilot. And there is a music festival downtown we were invited to attend – it will be nice to see Rascal’s Retreat & Southern Cross again!

Answer:  Your own attitude!!

Have a SUPER DAY!!

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