Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Maintenance Day Monday…and Wednesday!

As previously stated…marina life is different – it’s more like land life, you know, full of responsibilities!!  A little preventive maintenance gives us great peace of mind while on the water - it's time well-spent & I'm so thankful my captain has the knowledge and ability!!  So Monday was change-the-impellers day!!  So much fun and glam!!!  I won’t bore you with a blood, sweat and tears story – because there was mostly sweat – but it was an ALL DAY event!  However, we were able to start AND finish the project AND worked in a trip to the UPS Store to return the “impeller puller tool” we ordered that didn’t work!  Easy return process….yay!!  Forty mile round trip – not so yay! LOL!

Impellers are traditionally on the "back" of each engine...
See that red spot? Top of the picture?  That's Charlie climbing behind the engine!

Wednesday was change-the-fuel-filters day – SUCH FUN!!  This of course required a LOT more communication, manual labor and proper disposal of used materials.  But what else was I going to do on Wednesday?  So after several hours of an unexpected diesel fuel manicure, we were out of the engine room, “stuff” gathered and properly sealed for disposal and the dock cleaned off!  We headed out to find a proper disposal location – interesting that the marina doesn’t have such a receptacle, hmmm.

Engine room CLEAN! Captain Charlie emerges from the belly of the boat!
 Once again, we were so bless to have a rental car!  Just a short hop to Marco Island (16 miles) and we were in good order.  It was still daylight and we toured the island a little more!  So pretty!!

Back to the boat, hot showers and a nice walk to the on-site restaurant for a nice meal.  Charlie had the Ruben and I dove into the wedge salad…YUM!!  While we were eating several residents strolled in & the “men folk” decided to stay put and play a few hands of cards.  Good for them!!  And me…I have an evening to get caught up on this blog, phone calls and getting Christmas cards (all 4 of them) ready for the mailman.  It’s a win-win!!!

It’s 10 days until Christmas, the decorations and Christmas spirit is alive and well on our dock but it’s just a little strange to me….”Don’t forget to use bug spray before you walk around and look at the lights!”  But it’s local knowledge that keeps me from looking like a complete outsider!!!  So, bring on the OFF and let’s go for a walk on the dock!

Have a great day!!

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