Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Naples City Dock

Mr Alligator said Bye-Bye from Port of the Islands

 What a great travel day…less than 2 hours!  We pulled up anchor around 10am and stayed “on the inside” (meaning we didn’t go back out to the Gulf) to Naples.  The waterway was BUSY with holiday/vacation boat traffic…felt like Hwy 12 on a ballgame weekend, whew!! But it was nice to have a change of scenery – almost like being on the river system again.
A house boat on plane? interesting...
Here a boat, there a boat - everywhere a boat, boat!!
This adventure brings new and exciting challenges daily – weather, tide, docking, provisions, etc. And today was no different…our first time on a mooring ball!  Luckily, I spoke with Colleen from Moon Shadow about all the hows and why’s – great advice!  And to make it extra special; we were the only boat in the mooring field so we had a choice of 6 balls.  It’s a very unique method; hang over the front of the boat, with a fully extended boat hook, find the pennant (rope) attached to the ball and hook it.  Then pull the boat hook with the pennant back to the boat (don’t drop it), drop the hook onto the deck, grab the pennant (with a gloved hand) & secure it to the bow cleat! Ta-da..no problem!!

What is a mooring ball?

A mooring ball floats on the surface and is connected to a large, heavy anchor permanently attached to the seabed. A length of line called a pennant – usually with a loop at the end – is attached to the mooring ball. You attach your boat to the pennant.

YAY! First try on a mooring ball!
Did I mention that the boat is in forward motion, wind blowing & who knows how many people are watching?!?!  Charlie was at the helm ready to move to the next mooring ball if I missed but we were able to snag the “A Ball”…VICTORY!!!

Welcome to Naples!!
We really like our location!  Just drop the dinghy & motor to the dinghy dock to tie up.  Then we are steps from downtown.  Plus we get to see all the charter & tour boats coming & going.  We will be here until Thursday then continue our travels to Ft. Myers.
Santa's sleigh...Naples style...

Have a super day!!

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