Sunday, December 18, 2016

One Week 'til Christmas

Captured on the car display on Sunday afternoon!

It’s been a fun-filled weekend and not to brag but…it’s been HOT!!  I know that sounds hard to believe but its true!
Friday evening in Fort Myers
Friday night we went to Fort Myers to the Music Walk and had such fun! We met our friends Ric and Prudi from Rascal’s Retreat and Pat and Cathy from Southern Cross.  It seems Fort Myers downtown council offers pedestrian friendly, street side activities every week.  It’s great to see the local and transient population come together and enjoy the great weather and opportunities.

Santa's Helpers with Pat from Southern Cross
Saturday we spent hanging out in our marina; washing clothes and the boat.  Since most of the live aboard owners also work during the week it was nice to mingle with the other ladies. Basically I learned that no one is actually from Naples.  Everyone is from some other area and simply ended up living here – even met one couple from Auburn AL!!!  It was nice to hear a “native tongue”…LOL!!!

We had such a good time in church this morning; the music, sermon and the kindness of everyone.  We are looking forward to the Christmas Eve service on Saturday. 

Christmas morning will be filled with cooking (yay!!) and driving to Fort Myers…Charlie & I will be sharing lunch with our looper friends (mentioned above) at the Edison Marina.  Since none of us are going home OR have family coming to see us, it only seems natural to have a special meal in lieu of tradition!  Of course, the food will be a VERY traditional blend of Mississippi, Texas & Oklahoma gourmet!

The spirit of Christmas is all around us – regardless of where we are.  Take time this week to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, share it with others and let His love shine through you.  That’s perhaps the best gift you can give.

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