Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tuesday is FUN DAY!

Each day, every one of us is faced with decisions – some are no-brainers!  So Tuesday morning Charlie said, “Do you want to finish the boat maintenance or go exploring?”  DUH?!?! Exploring!!   See, no-brainer!!

My first thought was that maybe I would find some different/new running trails – there are several state parks in the surrounding area!  So we headed out – camera in hand – ready for a day of land exploration!  Several miles north of the marina we turned left toward Goodland / Marco Island, this was going to be GREAT! 

Not long we were met with this road sign!!  GULP!! Maybe not the best area to look for a new running trail! 
Some of the signs actually read "Panther Traffic"
 And I kid you not….within 200 yards of the panther sign – we saw THIS!!!  YIKES!!  From all the cyclists I’ve seen here…they are probably a little “crunchy”!!  That means I would be quite “chewy” to a panther!!  Suddenly, my 2.5 mile loop seemed quite sufficient…and with the neighborhood, at least there would be witnesses!  Proof positive that we are not in Starkville anymore!!
Panthers and Cyclists...sharing!
So while touring Marco Island we saw an Open House sign on a model home, hmmmm,  why not? It was a lovely home but a little out of our budget…by almost a million dollars!  Brenda, the lady showing the house was so pleasant and we enjoyed talking with her…and she has friends who want to do the LOOP!!  We exchanged cards and said our good-byes.

After a few more miles on the “island” we turned north and ended up in Fort Myers!!  Our buddy boat, Southern Cross is settled in at the municipal marina so we popped by to check out their neighborhood!  Fun, fun, fun and a GREAT pedestrian friendly downtown area! It was great to see them, walk around the town and share an appetizer!  They are really in a urban area but it didn’t feel crowded – they love it there and I’m glad we had the chance to visit!  Good times!!
Fort Myers - very friendly!!
Since we had a light snack for dinner, I wanted something with a different flavor.  This is the point that Charlie rolls his eyes because he KNOWS something crazy is about to be suggested!!  I’m not a fan of desserts or ice cream or heavy sweets but I do like unusual flavor concoctions.  So Tuesday nights’ unique dessert was Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar infused with Dark Chocolate!!  It was REALLY good (said me).  Charlie was just happy he had ice cream…

Y. U. M.!!!
Could be why I picked the Wedge Salad for Wednesday's dinner!! Decisions...

Have a fabulous week!  Count your blessings!!

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