Monday, December 26, 2016

Underway on Monday!

WaHooo!!  We have been at Port of the Islands Marina since Dec 5…anyone who knows us understands that we don’t “set well” especially when an adventure lies ahead.  So after a VERY ENJOYABLE 20 day stay we threw off the lines and headed NORTH.

Of course all water travel in southwest Florida is determined by the tide. So we left at 12:30pm.  That was great, I was able to return the rental car to Marco Island, buy a t shirt from the ship store & say good-bye to the great residents of F Dock!!  
The pass to the Gulf of Mexico...EXCITED to be moving!
Because of the departure time we knew it would take us 2 days to get to downtown Naples (crazy, huh?).  So while underway Charlie researched the very limited anchorage opportunities!  And just in time for sunset we arrived!!

A little elbow room at anchor...
Capris Pass is just off the coast of little Marco Island, tuck away in a somewhat secluded & protected cove…here we are!!  While we enjoyed our time in SOUTH Naples I truly missed the sunrise & sunset photo ops!  Ahhh….
Just around the bend is where the rich folks live!!
The wind is blowing just enough to keep the mosquitoes away and I am posting this from the aft deck of the boat…and its 81° so all is well!!
We will take the "left fork" in the morning to Naples
Tomorrow we will continue cruising north until we reach Naples. We will stay there a day or so to continue sightseeing then head north a little more to Ft. Myers!  So, yes, Naples was a “side trip” we will remember for future loopers – well worth it!!!

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas day…we had a great time with our looper family, pot luck lunch and many, many calls and texts from our land dweller friends and family.
Our view from the table at Christmas lunch!
We love you & thank you for your continued support!!!

God Bless!

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