Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bahama Bound!!

Sunset Lakeworth FL 1/18/2017
The time is HERE!!  And we are ready…to cross the Atlantic Ocean to Grand Bahama Island!  We will leave around 5:00ish AM on Thursday 1/19/2017.  Right now we are anchored in Lakeworth FL with 2 other boats headed in the same direction.  Word is…there are several more boats scattered along the east coast with the same plan.  We have waited about 12 days for the weather window to open so I’m sure we will have plenty of company.

Optional crossing routes-we're taking the top line!
The crossing is about 65 miles.  With our early departure we will arrive with enough time to check in with customs the same day.  Before any one starts searching weather forecast…yes, we are aware of the predicted wind and rain forecast for Saturday, Sunday…not Thursday.  And yes, we will be staying at the Old Bahama Bay Marina on the West End for the first week to wait out the weather, get the lay of the land and visit with other loopers.  It’s all good…!!!

Navigation chart for the crossing
We spent our last day in the USA (for the next few weeks) in the Snorkeling Lagoon on Peanut Island!!  What a great day…the water was a little chilly but it didn’t stop Aquaman!  It was the perfect way to spend time with the birthday boy!!  He really enjoyed it and we are looking forward to more underwater adventures in the next few weeks.

Aqua man AND the birthday boy - I'm so blessed to also call him "husband"!

Peanut Island - Snorkeling Lagoon
We still have a learning curve with the GoPro...I hope to add videos in the future.  Fills my heart with such gratitude to our masterful Creator!  Thank you Lord for picture perfect & water logged beauty!

REMINDER:  We will not have dedicated or promising telephone or internet service while we are away.  We will get word to the family of our safe arrival and they can share the news.  Stay tuned for international updates!!

Random trivia:  Only one US coin can be picked up by a magnet: the steel penny produced during WWII.
Sad fact:  In 2015, Americans spent more in restaurants than in supermarkets…for the first time ever.  And the general health of Americans is a clear indication of this trend.   Hmmm…what’s for supper tonight?

God Bless and hug!

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