Friday, January 27, 2017

Bahamas Tour 1/25/2017

What a difference a couple days make...Atlantic Ocean..."flat seas"!

During our northern rim tour of Grand Bahama Island we will include travel day weather conditions and the date for a reference point.

Weather conditions: Air temp mid 60’s – mid 70’s, wind calm, seas flat, water temp upper 60’s (brrr!) Approximately 50 miles travelled in 7 ½ hours.

Bypassing Mangrove Cay-NEVER stop early when the sea is flat...ha ha!
It was an early departure at 7:00 am from Old Bahama Bay Marina.  We were ready for a travel day and really ready to pull off the many, many lines holding our boat to the dock.  Once underway, I looked around and saw 5 other boats!  Traveling Soul, Rascal’s Retreat, Moni Jean, Don Quieote and Entreau…it was nice to have company.  The winds settled to a breeze and the water fell flat within the first hour…so we traveled 7.5 hours today, bypassing Mangrove Cay and anchoring at Great Sale Cay.

Taking "The Side Yard" to shore at Great Sale Cay

We discovered other humans on shore!
By 2:30 pm we were anchored and the dinghy was in the water.  We ventured around the Cay, explored a deserted island/beach, found all kinds of shells, sponge & coral and saw the sad sight of a sailboat.  It is registered in Beaufort NC and the owners Robert & Kathleen left a message that they would return soon.  It appears to be recent damage.
Sailboats don't seem to handle wind...sad.
PJ from Rascal's Retreat runs "aground"

Water so clear you can snap a picture from above!

Our plan is to leave in the morning (7:00 am) and head toward Crab Cay.  The wind is supposed to pick up later in the day so the 47 miles to Crab Cay will be better traveled early in the day.  It is a protected harbor so we can ride out the weather in comfort.

Headed over to see our neighbors from Virginia on Traveling Soul
In the early evening Charlie walked to the bow of the boat and was astonished by the millions of stars!!  He said they were so brilliant that it looked like you could reach out and touch them!!  It was 11:30 so he didn’t wake me…I’m hoping we can both stay awake long enough to see it together during our anchoring marathon! Ha ha!

Have a fabulous day!

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