Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bluff House Marina!

Sunrise on Crab Cay, January 27, 2017

Our travel day on Friday 1/27/2017 started a little later around 8:45 am.  We pulled anchor at Crab Cay and cruised to Green Turtle Cay (about 40 miles).  The air temp was upper 60’s/low 70’s and the wind was calm but increased to breezy (15-20 mph) upon arrival to Green Turtle.  The skies were sunny but changed to partly cloudy…predicted weather pattern proved true.  We (Rascal’s Retreat, Moni Jean & The Lower Place) all decided a marina would be a good idea once we heard a weather report.  

A welcomed sight on the waterway!
Bluff House Marina at Green Turtle Bay had room for all three boats! YAY!!  It was a little tricky getting into the channel due to the increasing wind but with a little patience and a lot of prayer The Lower Place, Moni Jean and Rascal’s Retreat was tucked safely into their slips.  And…who was there but Traveling Soul and Eriganta!!  Good to see them again!

The Lower Place snug as a bug
The weather is supposed to be a little dicey over the next few days so we made the decision to stay at Bluff House until Tuesday.  And so the land exploration begins again!

Our wheels for Saturday...remember, we drive on the LEFT side of the road!
Saturday 1/28/2017 we shared a golf cart with Ric & Prudi (Rascal’s Retreat) and toured the northern one-third of Great Abaco!  It was windy and the temp was in the low 70’s but we enjoyed the solitude of our travels.

The peaceful beach at Bluff House Marina

Street signs in New Plymouth

This is a street - not somebody's driveway

One of the three grocery stores-well stocked & priced!

Climbing on the rocky ledges-beautiful incoming tide on Ocean Beach

We have tentative plans for Sunday that include a guided water tour – but if the weather is aggressive that idea will be scrapped.  Stay tuned…

Have a marvelous day and smile at someone you don't know!

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