Monday, January 30, 2017

Cloudy, rainy, cool & a whole lot of fun!

Sunday 1/29/2017 was day 99 of our Great Loop Adventure.  It was also the FIRST day we had disagreeable weather all day long!!  That’s quite a string of good weather days.  But in true Lower Place fashion we continued with our original plans.

According to the guide books there is a “world famous” “must stop” establishment named Nippers.  Not my usual go-to place but a local dive shop Brendal’s offers a guided tour via his boat AND it included a stop at No Name Cay.  Based on the super yucky weather we decided it would be fine to join a group of 8 other strangers, head out in a fast boat to a place we’d never been…after all, it’s about the journey not the destination, right?

The pigs are protected by law - this sign is "official"

First stop was No-Name Cay.  Known for the wild pigs (hogs) and lack of human habitat, visitors are encouraged to bring food scraps to hand feed the piggys.  This whole concept was completely foreign to us…given our efforts over the years to eliminate the wild hog population.  Cultural differences are all around…but we enjoyed seeing Prudi from Rascal’s Retreat in “hog heaven”.  She rehabs wildlife & has worked with feral hogs for years.

Prudi and the Piggy's on No Name Cay

Communication with the public
Of course, we were battling a churning Sea of Abaco and rain but the mood on the boat was positive and Brendal was a fantastic host!  We were off to Nippers…and basically had the place to ourselves!!  And it was NOT lost on me that our first stop was to feed the protected hogs and the second stop was a hog roast at Nipper’s…no kidding!!  I giggled to myself…especially when I heard another guest talking about her vegetarian lifestyle. Do your homework about your travels PRIOR to boarding a boat…just sayin’. LOL!!

Given the declining sea conditions, our departure from Nippers was delayed by an hour.  And the return trip was longer in miles because we stayed “on the inside of the whale” because of the swelling seas.  Never fear…we were safely delivered to the dock by 6:00 pm and after a hot shower felt like new people!
It was a great day and the poor weather gave us another adventure to remember.  The evening weather forecast low’s in the lower 50’s overnight…”you will need your winter gear for the morning commute”.

Bless their hearts!!

Monday is Day 100 of our America’s Great Loop…still having lots of FUN!!

Be Blessed!!!

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