Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Day - We're Underway!

LaBelle FL - City Dock

Bye, Bye west coast of Florida – Hello, Caloosahatchee River & Okeechobee Waterway!  We ventured east today from Fort Myers all the way to LaBelle FL -.  What a fantastic little town with a FREE city dock (electric and water)!!  We are currently travelling with Rascal’s Retreat and there were TWO slips left when we arrived around 1:30!!  Thank you Lord!

The Lower Place in LaBelle FL at City Dock
Interesting dock – no finger piers – requires on/off boat via the anchor pulpit but that’s ok…for one night!  Once we were settled (tied, power, A/C on) we headed out on foot to explore AND look for a bite of lunch.  While we enjoy the open waters of the sea – it was nice to be on the river again!  Felt like home…almost…
Orange Groves along the river
Swing Bridge w/9' clearance - we requested an opening
fields of cattle and a few riding arenas along the way

The Forrey Grill was the PERFECT stop!  A wonderful, clean, fresh salad bar Y. U. M.!  And others had pasta dishes which looked delicious too!  Service was fantastic and the tea was fresh brewed!

An after lunch walk took us to 2 different antique stores, a local honey establishment, the public library…enough to let me know an evening run was on my list!
My Honey at the Honey Store!

The artwork on the Harold P Curtis Honey Co was incredible!
The dock is located beside/under a VERY BUSY drawbridge but we’ve been told it will quiet down after sunset.  It’s orange harvest season in central Florida and I wish I could get a picture of the 18 wheeler trucks loaded with oranges!  Amazing!!  Some folks think oranges come from Kroger…

Tomorrow we will continue east, I’m not sure of our predicted stopping point but I hope it’s as much fun as we’ve had today.

Unrelated factoid:  White-faced Capuchin monkeys greet one another by sticking their fingers up each other’s noses.  Well…it could be worse…

 As you venture back to school and work just keep a smile on your face...and maybe greet someone like a monkey!

God Bless!!

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