Tuesday, January 3, 2017

LaBelle to South Bay, FL

Fogged in at LaBelle FL

What a day!!  It started out FOGGY and we were delayed about an hour at the dock.  But that was fine since we were able to visit with our neighbors – Tim & Jill from Maryland!  When the fog lifted we were off and cruising down the waterway.

Rascal's Retreat backing out after the fog lifted
It felt like the river system at home and once the clouds parted…it.got.HOT!!  Yep, January 3rd and I’m a little sunburned, go figure.
Empty, open field...complete with fish cleaning station
I think this is a "Fancy accent grass" farm-Charlie doesn't agree

A little wild foul - missed a pic of alligator

No wonder Christopher Columbus thought the world was flat!
The delayed start created a little push to find a closer anchorage before sunset.  Charlie found South Bay anchorage – across from a public dock & boat launch.  Rascal’s Retreat stopped for fuel so it was important to find somewhere large enough to accommodate both boats.  We tried three times to set the anchor in the silky, slimy, muddy, black river bottom…no luck.  I was muddy, the boat was muddy and the sun was setting.  Charlie called the next bridge tender and asked if there was somewhere we could tie up.  She suggested coming to the bridge since the waterway will be blocked tomorrow with a barge due to construction.  GULP!!

While we appreciated her suggestion, the empty public dock was calling our name.  Charlie crossed the channel & approached the dock on the starboard side.  The wind picked up & I was unable to lasso a cleat.  So we allowed the wind to take us out, Charlie turned the boat 180° & I frantically tied fenders on the PORT side, wind still blowing, sun still dropping…geesh!!! SUCCESS!!  I was able to lasso TWO cleats & secure the boat enough to stop the forward motion. Charlie left the helm, hopped off the boat & adjusted the lines.

At that moment we saw Rascal’s Retreat coming toward us…we were able to catch their lines & secure their boat in seamless fashion…who knew??  Just in time for sunset!!

South Bay sunset 1/3/2017
For the record…yes, I pulled out the bucket, brush & desk wash.  There was no way I could sleep knowing that mud was everywhere!  Then I cleaned myself…how did I get mud in my hair?!?

We will sleep like babies tonight & the morning will be an early departure (praying there is no fog) since construction cranks up at 7!!

Hope you enjoyed our journey today...tomorrow may be just as fun!! 

God Bless...

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