Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday – heading EAST!!

As planned, today we threw off the lines at the Corp of Engineers Park and completed our trip across Florida via the Okeechobee Waterway!!

Eight hours and 46 miles later we are anchored in Lakeworth FL.  This is our final stop before we head toward Grand Bahama Island on Thursday.

Bridges open on demand - smooth cruising!

Bridge closing - my view from the top of the boat
That said…here’s “the plan” (subject to change due to the ever changing weather/wind pattern).  We will be at anchor until Thursday.  We will leave at dawn on Thursday and travel east.  It is a 65 mile partial crossing of the Atlantic Ocean including the Gulf stream (current from the south).  The Bahamas customs office closes at 4:30 (no time change from the eastern zone) so we want to be there in time to check in.  After that, we will spend a few days on various islands and in multiple approved/safe anchorages’.  Initially, we think we will be there about 3 weeks…but that could change – doesn’t everything??
Cool boat name-reminds me of a past life
Because of the international change, I will not have a cell phone or Internet access as of midnight Wednesday. Charlie will have very limited cell service for navigation purposes.  However, upon our safe arrival we will be able to send a text to Brandi & Julie.  In turn, they have agreed to let grandparents know and the grandparents will be in touch with the rest of the family tree and I’m sure something will appear on social media.
Landmark building - multi colored

ALSO….unless I find land based WiFi the blog will be idle. But do not fear, I will keep an electronic journal with pictures…and update as I can. Tomorrow I will include a more detailed itinerary with a map…today, I just want to enjoy the back yard!
Our backyard for the next few days...

Now this is a bad day - no one hurt, just a sad sight
I hope you had a happy day and tomorrow will be “more happy”!

PS...this just reported on the local news!!  GULP!!  Click here

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